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Marketing the Personal Way: A visit with author Barbara Techel

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I’m lucky as a freelance marketing consultant to be able to choose the projects I really want to work on, and over the years, my interest in writing and book publishing has led me to work with a number of authors. One of the more interesting and active marketers I’ve come to know is Barbara… Read more »

Marketing for Artists – A fresh look for a new millennium

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Doug McLennan, founder and editor of ArtsJournal, has a new blog post up this week that I think takes a much-needed look at prevailing attitudes about artists and how they think about and market their work. Too Many Artists or Not Enough Value actually speaks to more than just artists — many of the concepts are… Read more »

Social Media: It’s Not Just For The Big Boys

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Outmoded communication kills businesses.

Small businesses have forever been on the light end of the stick when it comes to resources to compete with larger corporations with deep pockets and large marketing budgets. So often, they’ve been relegated to using inadequate tools to reach their target audiences, and the results have been lackluster. Yet now, I’ve found a disturbingly… Read more »

Social Media: It’s not just social.

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It only seems appropriate for my initial post that I should mention the biggest phenomenon to come along in years in the marketing field: Social Media. You may know it by several different of its incarnations — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube — but these are all part and parcel of Social Media, or what’s also… Read more »